What is HTD Science?

What is High-throughput Discovery Science?

We define High-throughput Discovery Science as the use of approaches that enable massively parallel or high-throughput analyses of genes, phenotypes, compounds, or even cells and organisms to propel scientific discovery.



Description of video: [dramatic music] Footage of liquid handler pipetting liquids and closeup of tool pipetting liquids slowly. Researchers loading a flow cell into a high-throughput sequencer. Multichannel pipettor transferring media and reactions to different wells in a 96-well plate. Black background and title on screen: “What is High-throughput Discovery?” and lines of drawings of flasks with red liquids. Title of the course: “BIT 479/579 High-throughput Discovery”. The ending slide has the North Carolina State block logo in black with white font and a red illustration of a gear and light bulb to symbolize automation and discovery.


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